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SAAS – Perfect for Small Businesses

First - What is SAAS?? SAAS is huge, and it IS changing what you do and how you do it. SAAS is Software As A Service, a collective term for anything that you can do online where you used to have to buy, install and manage software packages on...

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Website maintenance – Why & What

Websites need care & attention if they are to continue providing value to you (the website owner). Just like owning a car, a house, a computer – if you don’t maintain it, gradually things degrade. Small problems become big problems. And sooner or later there will be a failure, which of course is bound to happen at the worst possible time… So the question is, what needs doing and why?

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The Tricky Art of Choosing a Domain Name

You're starting out in business, or you've been going a year or few - either way, you've come to the conclusion that it's time for website and/or a business email address. Step 1 is to register your "domain name". What is it, and what should you register?...

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