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Deans Marsh Cottage

Deans Marsh Cottage

Deans Marsh Community Cottage

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Comprehensive Website Overhaul

A news- and information-based website had been in place for a few years. Community development and engagement activities had been growing and the website needed to accommodate this increased need to provide more than just What’s On. In particular, the Committee of Management had identified the requirement to highlight community opportunities to shape and guide the future development of Deans Marsh.

Centred around a new Communications Strategy, the revamped website aims to centralise access to what’s happening, how to get involved, who to contact, and major projects for the town and its environs. “Community involvement” is the central theme for this forward-looking website that encourages participation.

The new website offers sections

  • explaining why the Cottage exists and what it does (and importantly, how to join in)
  • regularly-updated activities to join in with
  • describing the major Festival and Market events, and how to book a stall
  • detailing community groups eg. fire brigade, Landcare, cricket club
  • recounting the history of the area – this section in particular is open to locals for their contributions to build up collection of historical articles and photos.

Project Details

Client : Deans Marsh Cottage
Date : November 2018
Brief : Website overaul
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Notable Feature

Notable feature for Total Solar & Electrical

All-in-one Activities page

To find out what’s happening and what you could join in with, just visit the Activities page on the Deans Marsh Community Cottage website. Planned ‘lifestyle’ courses, adult education, the monthly newsletter, local events such as Christmas Carols, requests for volunteers/assistance, community consultation events, and a handy month-view calendar are all on this page.

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Community Newspapers Association

Community Newspapers Association

Community Newspapers Association of Victoria

Community Newspapers Association of Australia (CNAV)

Website Recovery

Lost a new website to hackers (not great security, no backups). Rebuilt from scratch, this time with enhanced security, weekly off-server backups, and ongoing maintenance – and as a bonus, additional functionality such as a member database listing details for every community newspaper member, and online application and renewal forms. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Project Details

Client : CNAV
Date : June 2016
Brief : Website rebuild
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Notable Feature

Member Map

A customised zoomable map (by Google Maps) showing the location of each newspaper-member with a pin. Alphabetical listing of all members (grouped in ‘tabs’) makes easy & quick access to the details for a newspaper.

Flickr Photo Integration

Rather than store hundreds of photos in the webhosting account, filling it up and slowing it down, CNAV has a Flickr online-photos account (keep ALL your photos online, free!). These are integrated into the website, grouped for each annual conference, showing as a slideshow. Easy.

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Just quickly send us your contact info and what you’re looking for – eg. why you want a website (starting from scratch, remaking an existing one, etc) and any particular features or questions you have in mind.