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Affordable, Trusted Website Care

Your website is a significant asset – take a few seconds to think of what it means when your site is down, or worse, has been hacked and diverted to other purposes. Even if your site is up and running, is it losing visitors because pages are just.too.slow?

Website Care is much more than peace of mind that your website is actually there and serving visitors. Website Care is about achieving YOUR success through your website. However you define “success”, we want to help you get there. You already know a website can play a big part in that – and like any member of staff, any machine, any device,  if you give care and attention, you reap rewards.


Website Care

Plans For Every Need

* sites not created/built by Winch Websites may need an initial Website Speed Optimisation project for an additional fee. This will be determined in the Website Care Plan Audit, which all such sites (ie. not made by Winch Websites) must undertake.

The Audit is to get familiar with your website, and see how much work is required (if any, of course) to bring it up to our standards.

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Our Features

All Care Plans Include

System Updates

The main website system that powers your website (WordPress) needs updating several times a year.

Add-On & Plugin Updates

The additional bells & whistles that have been installed into your website (eg. a booking system, an online shop etc) frequently need updating.

Daily Backups

Your complete site is backed up to independent secure online storage

Site Security

Your site is constantly under attack – 24/7, by automated ‘bots’ looking for known weaknesses. We add a firewall to help stop trouble.

Image Optimisation

One of the most common factors in a slow site is big images taking a-a-ages to download. We fix that, including all existing images and any new ones.

Weekly Maintenance

Optimise the website’s database, clear out any digital rubbish and left-overs, get rid of the spam comments.