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Investing in a new website is a significant project for you – it can make a big difference to your success and direction.

So it’s important to be focussed on what you are aiming to achieve, to define what it is that a website can ‘do’, and what success actually looks like (preferably in terms of measurable numbers).

At Winch Websites, we have an internal 34-step blueprint that enables the delivery of a consistent outcome. That blueprint is fed by you, and what you want.

This worksheet kicks things off. Even if we go no further, you’ll get some valuable ideas on what you are looking for and what you need – beyond the website itself.

You should be able to answer each item without having to think too long or hard, but if there is something that you get stuck on, it will be well worth working through why you’re stuck and coming up with something you are happy with.

Grab a coffee, wine, milk or juice and see how you go!

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There are limited options for us to help you at the lower budget range. But we can still give you some good advice!

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