Barwon South West Homelessness Network

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New Website

Homelessness, and the threat of homelessness, is a significant issue. The Barwon South West Homelessness Network (BSWHN) is a network of agencies in the Barwon and South West region who work collaboratively for the achievement of an integrated system providing support and accommodation to people experiencing or at risk of Homelessness across the region.

The website provides information and resources to the different stakeholders; for example, useful links for network members, referral information for those experiencing homelessness directly, background data and information for those wishing to support BSWHN or find out more about homelessness in the region.

The BSWHN website additionally aims to collect subscribers to the BSWHN bi-monthly news emails.

Project Details

Client: Barwon South West Homelessness Network
Date: August 2020
Brief: New website

Notable Feature

BSWHN website notable feature

BSWHN’s “Why”

The homelessness statistics for the region are front and centre on the Home Page – driving home that there is a significant issue to be addressed.

  • how many people are at risk of homelessness
  • how little affordable housing is available
  • real-life stories driving home the impact of the issue

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