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Lifetime Capital website on devices

Website Modernisation

An ageing website was showing display errors, with what was supposed to be a slideshow of text titles all superimposed on top of each other. Equally importantly, the site was not mobile-friendly and featured small text on a desktop the became unreadably tiny on a small screen.

The opportunity was taken to modernise the website’s look and feel, and to greatly simplify the site’s navigation and information. 

The site consists of just a home page, About Us, and Contact Us. The overriding call-to-action is for the visitor to phone or send in a quick and easy enquiry. After all, financial affairs need a good understanding before advice can be given, and personal attention and customised solutions are what Lifetime Capital is all about.

Project Details

Client: Lifetime Capital
Date: November 2021
Brief: Website rebuild

Notable Feature

A bold first impression

Lifetime Capital focus on investment advice, and this is clearly portrayed from the very first impression with a compass-motif fullscreen image pointing to “Gains”. 2 call-to-action buttons strongly indicate the next step for the visitor to choose.

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