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Website Revamp

The existing website needed a design and layout lift, and also needed to switch to “secure” with an SSL certificate (increasingly required by the likes of Google). This was also an opportune time to switch to a more popular and therefore more easily supported and integrated ecommerce system.

The project entailed recreating the website with a new look, using much of the old site’s existing words and images. It was also important to retain the long-term “search-engine juice” that had been built up over the years. Switching to WooCommerce for sales processing, and adding an event calendar on top of it for selling courses, plus a significant checkout improvement, all resulted in a sleeker and faster checkout experience.

Pregnancy Massage Australia added email marketing automation into the mix, aiming to save time and trouble with the administration process associated with selling their in-person pregnancy massage courses.

Project Details

Client: Pregnancy Massage Australia
Date: February 2020
Brief: Website revamp

Notable Feature

Notable feature for Total Solar & Electrical

Optimised Checkout

A beautiful 1-step checkout for speed and ease.

Making a customer’s checkout quick and easy reduces the friction that might lead to hesitation and consequent loss of the sale.

Adding confidence-building testimonials, icons and answers (before the question is even asked) also reduce cart abandonment.

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