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Website Refresh

While being a reasonable website with the essentials covered, the software used to create the website had become obsolete – the website couldn’t be updated any longer. In addition, the website was looking dated having been published a few years ago. More importantly, some expected standards weren’t being met such as a secure connection between viewer and website (the “SSL certificate”).

So time for a refresh and rebuild. No radical changes to the content, but more a polishing and extension and reformat of what was there. Add new images (and make them big), put things where people would expect to see them. The drive of the revamped website is now to get potential clients to ring – because every home inspection is different (think: the age, the location, the type & size, the materials…), so Craig likes to have a discussion before providing a quote. 

Project Details

Client: Professional Home Inspection
Date: August 2019
Brief: Website refresh

Notable Feature

Notable feature for Total Solar & Electrical

Confidence-Inspiring Counters

Giving a quick appreciation of the benefits of obtaining a pre-purchase property inspection, these animated counters grab attention and get people thinking.

Buying property is a major investment of time, trouble and money, and there are significant chances of the property having problems.

These are things buyers will want to know about up-front. These at-a-glance counters reinforce why.

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