Building a website – making it easier

Building a website – making it easier

When you set out on the road to build or revamp your website, one of your most important (critical!) duties is to assemble and provide the information to guide your website creator. For building websites, think layout, design, logos, words & images for each page, the overall ‘feel’, the specific colours to mach your other marketing materiel… It’s no small job, and it’s very important to the success of your website. If you don’t engage, don’t get involved, you’re very unlikely to get the site you want. You absolutely need to give your website designer freedom to build a great site that reflects your business AND works well AND looks impressive. But you need to guide that from the outset.

How this is done in practice varies enormously between website creators.

Building Websites – collaborate online

One of the services that Winch Websites makes use of in the process of building a business-effective website is called ContentSnare. A client is invited to login to the ContentSnare website, and in there the client finds a number of forms to complete. These ask for things like the logo file, the colour-scheme to use, links to websites that the client likes the look of, webhosting account login details, the official contact info for the business, and the contact info to put on the website if it’s different, and lots more.


ContentSnare login

These forms are custom-built for the client to reflect their project. They can be completed in any order, one item at a time, with each one being marked by the client as ‘Complete’. It means while building websites, the client can provide bits and pieces as they get the opportunity at a time that suits them. The ContentSnare system reminds clients that there are items to be done, and this keeps projects moving along – we all know what it’s like running a business, you can get so busy “doing the do” you completely forget the development stuff that is so important to grow a business. ContentSnare automatically sends reminders as deadlines approach, saving time & trouble for both web designer and client.


ContentSnare requests

ContentSnare also provides a dashboard view for an overall look at how things are going. It’s a great feeling to hit that “100%” done target!

This is one example of an internet service that Winch Websites employs to make specifying, designing, managing, and building websites a smoother, easier, and ultimately more cost-effective process. It’s a great example of what the internet can do for businesses – automate, standardise, and most importantly offload tasks while ensuring that they get attended to.

If you’d like to investigate what Winch Websites could do for your business, please get in touch. There are ALL sorts of options these days!
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